“The Almond Tree is an epic novel, a drama of the proportions of the Kite Runner, but set in Palestine. A story that grabs you from the first page and makes your heart go out to the Palestinians without pointing fingers at anyone. This novel is not a political lecture, but a gripping and compassionate work of fiction”
– HuffingtonPost –

turkish-cover-smallCorasanti Mandelbaum German Coverthe-almond-tree-book-south-asiaThe Almond Tree - Norway Coverthe-almond-tree-book-spanishthe-almond-tree-book-italianthe-almond-tree-book-englishthe-almond-tree-book-dutchthe-almond-tree-book-catalanthe-almond-tree-book-garnetpolish-cover-corasanti-smldutch2-straight-smallSlovak Cover - Almond Tree BookHungarian Cover - The Almond Treealmond tree taiwan smlItalian Edition Cover of The Almond Tree SmlFrench Edition Cover of The Almond Tree
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“The story is spell-binding with universal appeal…”
The Daily Star